Our Mission

Synced’s mission is to create frictionless financial workflows, by harnessing the power of technology to automate manual processes. We are committed to enabling organizations to optimize their operations, reduce inefficiencies, and make informed decisions through streamlined and automated financial systems.

How Are We Different?

We believe that financial professionals and business owners should spend their time adding value to their business and not performing manual, time-wasting tasks. Synced combines the power of AI, with simplified processes to streamline your financial workflows.

Automation Is Everything

Synced is focused on using technology to automate manual financial tasks.

Tools Where You Work

Synced solution's work where you do, whether it is on your phone, browser or inbox.

From Purchase To Payment

Unlike other software, Synced allows you to manage your expenses from the point of purchase through to final payment.

Synced Concierge

Dedicated expert where each business is matched with one financial guru who gets to understand their business unlike other solutions.

How We Work?

The Synced platform is underpinned by some clear principles that are behind everything we do.
Streamlined Workflows

Your financial software should work around your business, not the other way around.

Latest Tech

Harness the power of the latest in AI and machine learning to automate financial workflows.

Support To Count On

When you win, we win. We believe in partnering with your business to leverage the most out of the platform.