Synced x Xero in 3 Simple Steps

Keep your books in sync while enjoying a seamless view of your important financial data.

step 1

Create a Synced

Add your details to create an account with Synced.

step 2

Connect to

Select Xero as your
accounting integration.

step 3

You’re all

Our 2-way data integration ensures your data is always up-to-date.

All Your Xero Data Synced

Optimized financial workflows with 2 way sync.

All relevant data is extracted from your invoices and sent to Xero in an instance.


Two-way sync keeps all your contacts organized.


Record your bill payments so your bank accounts are always up to date.

Tracking Categories

Extract & map tracking category information from invoices.

Tax Rates

Capture all your business expenses and maximize your deductions.

Up-To-Date Accounting

2-way data sync enables you to get a clear overview of your business finances, giving you a real-time view of your finances.

Data Extraction

When integrated with Synced, it automatically extracts data from bills and receipts. Simply snap a photo or upload a document and Synced will do the data entry.

Send Bills to Xero in an Instance

With just the click of a button, all relevant data is extracted from your supplier invoices and sent across to Xero.

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From Our Customers

Simplify financial workflows with Synced and enjoy being in control of your business expenses, like all our other users. Because when you win, so does Synced!


We love Xero! As an approved partner application, Synced has a deep integration with Xero. Sync through your Contacts, Bills, Credit Notes, Accounts, Tax Rates and Tracking Category records in real-time!

Synced reads your bills as soon as they hit your inbox and extract the data from it. From the Synced inbox you can publish these bill records into Xero.

To view these, go to the ‘Bills to pay’ section within Xero under the Business menu.

Expense claims come through Xero as Bills to pay, giving you a single method to manage all your expenses.

Synced allows you to manage and pay your supplier and contractor bills. When you mark a bill as paid in Synced you’ll see the payment record recorded in Xero.

We would love to but currently, Xero doesn’t allow us to click the final button.